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Factors You Should Consider When Choosing A New Door

The front door to a home serves many purposes. For one, a front door contributes to the curb appeal of a home. In the case of an attempted break-in, the front door must stand up to attempts to break it down. Finally, a door must help to keep weather out. If your front door is not performing like it should, it is time to replace it with a door that will hold up the elements even as it protects your home from unwanted visitors. Wood, glass, and fiberglass can all be used in an entry door, and each one has its strengths and weaknesses. 

The Wooden Door

Wood has been used to make doors for centuries. One of its strengths is that a solid wood door will hold up well to attempts to break into your home. The weaknesses of wooden doors is that they are susceptible to the ravages of mother nature. In order to keep your door in good shape, you must reapply paint or stain every few years. Also, a solid wooden door will not have an insulated core, so they will not hold the cold out as well as other doors.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are tamper resistant, but they are not impervious to damage. Steel doors can easily be dented and scratched. Once a metal door gets bent, it can be hard to restore it to its original shape. Furthermore, a scratches in a door can rust and lead to damage. Despite their susceptibility to damage, steel doors can be filled with an insulated core, which can help to prevent the cold from leaking into your home. 

Fiberglass Doors

A fiberglass door is low maintenance and resistant to dents and scratches. You can paint a fiberglass door whichever color you want, so it is easy to customize a fiberglass door to fit the look of your home. Just as is the case with steel doors, fiberglass doors can be filled with insulation, so they also are good for holding the weather out. 

If you are looking for durability, functionality, and looks, a fiberglass door is a good buy. A wooden door will give you a classic look and character that you can't get with other doors (as well as door frames), and a steel door can offer you protection. When it comes to choosing a replacement door, it is important to have an idea of what you want your door for. The right door will depend on how you plan to use it in your home.