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Packing Your Fragile Items For A Long-Distance Move

Are you getting ready for a long-distance move? If so, then making sure your fragile kitchenware is packed securely is probably one of your chief concerns. You certainly do not want to have any of your breakable belongings destroyed during the move due to sloppy packing techniques. Follow the tips listed in this article to keep your items secure and in one piece.

Dish Pack

Pack fragile dishes and glasses in a dish pack, also known as a dish barrel. This is a carton made specifically to carry dishes and other fragile items. A dish pack has thicker cardboard sides than the average carton, which gives your kitchen ware more protection from the bumps and knocks all cartons receive during a move. You can find dish packs at a packing retailer or purchase them directly from your moving company.

Get Edgy

A common mistake when packing fragile dishes it to stack them on top of each other in the box. Unfortunately, this technique increases the chances that your items will break during the move. Pack all fragile dishes on edge in the carton. Glasses and cups with handles should be placed with the handles facing upward.

Paper, Paper

One of the keys to keep your kitchenware from becoming chipped or cracked in transit to use plenty of packing paper. Each dish, glass or item of crystal needs to be wrapped individually. Ensure that you pad the bottom of the carton with lots of paper before you start filling the box. Place a layer of paper between all of the items as well. When you have placed all of the kitchenware inside the box, add another layer of packing paper on top before sealing the carton.

Empty Space

One of the biggest threats to fragile kitchenware during transit is empty space inside the carton. This gives the items more room to move around and bump into each while the moving van is in motion. Fill the carton with padding to ensure that there is no empty space. One great idea is to use linens that you need to pack anyway, such as sheets and pillowcases, as padding material. 

By following the tips listed above, your items should arrive at their new home safe and sound. If you don't have time to pack your kitchenware, or would simply rather have an experienced professional do the job, talk with a moving company, such as Midway Moving & Storage. They have trained personnel who can do this task for you.