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Choosing An Office Chair

The piece of office furniture that gets used the most often is the desk chair, yet it is not always the piece that gets the most consideration when purchasing office furniture.  By choosing a chair that fits your needs, you will be less likely to suffer from back or neck pain.  The following are some items to consider when purchasing a desk chair that is right for you.


To save your neck from having to be craned high or low, you want to make sure that the height of your chair is level with your computer.  While most chairs are adjustable, you want to find one that adjusts easily.  You will want your feet to be flat on the floor and your arms even with the desk.

Lumbar support

The lower back has an inward curve and sitting for longer periods of time without good support will cause you to slouch.  A good chair should have lumbar adjustments for height and depth that allow the spine to curve naturally.  This will take the strain off of the lower back.  In addition, the chair should be high enough to support your shoulder and neck region.

Seat material

Sometimes this aspect is overlooked when selecting a chair.  Since a lot of time will be spent sitting in the chair, you want to make sure that there is enough padding to be comfortable.  In addition, having a breathable fabric will be more comfortable throughout the day, especially in the warmer months.  


The chair should be able to recline easily.  This reduces the pressure on the spine and allows you to work without straining your shoulders or arms to reach.

Seat depth

A seat that allows you to slide forward and backward will help keep the strain off of your back and legs.  If the seat is too long, you will have to lean forward to use the keyboard.  The backrest then does you no good.


Armrests should be adjustable in height and position.  Adjustable armrests provide the proper arm height. When your arm rests on the armrest, your shoulders shouldn't be hunched.  It is especially important to have adjustable armrests if you spend a large portion of your day typing at a computer.


How well a chair moves can affect your productivity at work.  If your office space is large, you may want to consider a chair with wheels.

Since people spend so much of their life at work it is important to have a chair that is comfortable.  Always be sure to try a chair out before purchasing it. Check out stores like Desks, Inc. to get started.