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3 Ways To Make A Small Yard Look Larger And Stand Out

Small yards actually offer you many options. You can make a small yard look and feel larger, you can add features, and you can create a large impact with some tasteful landscaping. Yard design doesn't just benefit the larger yards. A small yard can do a lot with a little. Here are three things you can do.

1. Play with Perspective

It's possible to change the dynamics of a small yard by changing the way people perceive it. For example, if you use diagonal pavers for your walkway rather than vertical or horizontal ones, it will make your walkway seem wider than it really is. This also applies to wood planks.

Another way to play with perspective is to place larger features up front, and smaller ones further back. This adds depth to your yard. You can also do something similar with the previously mentioned planks and pavers.

If you gradually decrease the width as the walkway goes on, such as towards a backyard, it will look as if it's longer than it really is. Mastering depth is a key component of making your yard seem larger.

2. Do Away With Straight Lines

If you don't have a lot of space to work with, then straight lines are the enemy. Attempt to curve every feature. Instead of a straight line of plants, make them conform to a more sinuous line. Instead of a straight path or walkway, make it wander a little.

This will also aid you further if you utilize the diagonal trick. For example, a snake-like path of diagonal pavers that starts out front and continues to the back will give the impression that there's a lot more going on with the yard than there really is.

3. Divide the Space

Dividing the yard goes a long way towards making it seem larger. These divisions also serve to give the yard more impact. On top of that, it will give you a chance to truly make the kinds of additions to your yard that you probably didn't think were possible.

For example, you can create a raised platform and place some lounge chairs on one side of the yard, but use the other side of the yard as a small garden. You can separate the areas with plants, low stone barriers, or whatever you want. What will happen is that people who view the yard will see

You can also keep the area open, but treat it as if there are zones. This way, one thing can lead to another as the eye slides across it. It will make it look like your small yard has a lot of different things going on for it. In this case, it really will.

Speak to a Landscaper

There are many other things you can do as well for a small yard. Speak to a professional landscaping service, like Cumberland Valley Tree Service & Landscaping, about what you can do with yours. A small yard isn't something to cause you grief. A small yard is an opportunity.