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4 Tips For Decorating Outdoors For Spring

As the spring season approaches, it is time to put away the winter decorations, and become inspired by new blooms. Flowers definitely become the inspiration behind spring decorating for your porch, deck, and patio, but that's not all. Here are some tips for decorating your outdoor spaces for the spring season.

Use Picnic Tables

Who doesn't love a picnic in the spring? Many furniture stores and home improvement stores now sell full-size picnic tables, just like the ones you find at the park. These can be a lot of fun for the whole family. Instead of sitting on a traditional patio table, you can put out a picnic table for when you dine outdoors. To create a more natural picnic experience, put the picnic table out in the middle of your lawn. Now you feel like you're eating in the park!

Add Spring-Themed Lighting

Having great lighting is essential when you start spending more evenings outdoors when the weather warms up. You have multiple options for spring-themed lighting. The first option is to get some pretty string lights. You can get the lights in the shapes of spring flowers like tulips or daisies, or simply get strings of pastel-colored lights. You can also set out candle lanterns, which can either sit on tables, or be hung up. The candles double as a source of warmth when the sun goes down., and you can find the lanterns in pastel colors, which are perfect for spring.

Replace Silk Flowers With Fresh Ones

If you have left out silk flowers in vases due to the cold season, now is the time to switch them out for fresh flowers! One of the best things about spring is that wildflowers and blooms are plentiful. Whether you get them from a local florist, a stand on the side of street, or your own backyard, nothing beats fresh flowers. If you have some spring silk flowers you love and want to add to the décor outdoors, lay down flat in baskets instead of standing up in a vase. This gives it a fresh spring look.

Incorporate Fruits and Vegetables

There is something about spring that not only reminds you of the new blooms, but of fruit and vegetable gardens as well. For your flower arrangements and table décor, incorporate fruits and vegetables. If you have a lemon tree, fill a tall glass vase with lemons. You will enjoy their natural beauty and aroma. You can also utilize plastic fruit and vegetables, which are sold at craft stores. Put them in baskets, mason jars, or any type of container you can find.