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Creative Ideas For Your Paver Patio

Pavers afford you seemingly unlimited design options for your patio. Not only are they appropriate for any size space, but their quick installation means your patio is ready to be used as soon as the project is finished. Pavers come in stone, brick and concrete in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Get creative with your patio design by having pavers installed in an attractive layout.

Mixed Media

There's just something about greenery contrasted with stone. To emphasize this beauty, consider having your paver patio bordered with bright groundcover plants such as Irish moss, periwinkle or creeping mazus. A particularly attractive option is to use the groundcover plants in a contrasting border with the pavers. Since these plants are likely to get tread on, consider fragrant, hardy thyme for the groundcover.

Visual Diversity

According to Home Garden TV, a trend in patio design is emphasizing the different look of your materials. So, if you've selected uniformly rectangular pavers, consider having them laid in a flowing pattern. Alternatively, use cobblestone pavers to create sharp geometry in your space. Because they come in so many different colors, contractors can utilize the exact same size and shape of pavers to nonetheless create contrasting patterns.

Arcs and Curves

There's a reason arches are considered classics in architecture – they're universally attractive. Consider incorporating arcs and curves into your patio design. For instance, eschew traditional rectangular steps for a curved set. Alternatively, encourage guests to gather around a fire pit by creating arcs around the space itself. Either way, select contrasting pavers to border the curves, thus emphasizing the sophistication of your design.

Multicolored Pattern

Contractors can lay pavers in traditional brick patterns such as running bond, herringbone and basket weave. However, the variety of colors of pavers can make even the most basic pattern pop. For instance, starting with the traditional brick pattern, running bond, imagine a selection of complementary paver colors such as red, beige and deep brown. The multicolored flooring of such a patio serves as a centerpiece worth showcasing.

Contrasting Border

If a full multicolored patio seems like too much pattern, consider using paver coloring to create a contrasting border. For instance, select larger pavers in muted tones for the majority of the design. However, look for one of the deeper colors in small pavers. The contractors (such as those from Green Acres) can use these to create borders around the pavers for a chic effect.

Whether you opt for subtle borders or the high contrast appeal of plants and stone, pavers are a prime material for transforming your patio with an inspired design.