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Ways House Cleaners Can Help After A Remodeling Project

If you have recently completed any type of renovation work in your home, your home may be extremely dirty when the work is completed. Because of this, your home may be in need of deep cleaning before you can really enjoy your newly remodeled home.  

Reasons for Hiring a House Cleaning Service

Many remodeling contractors realize the home will need to be cleaned after their work is completed. Often they may have a crew to handle the cleaning of your home when their work is finished. However, if you do the work yourself or your subcontractor does not provide this as part of their services, you may need to hire a business that performs house cleaning services.

Types of Cleaning Problems

Remodeling work can create a variety of different type of cleaning problems that are much different from your regular cleaning issues. Many times, there are nails, screws, staples, glass and other types of debris scattered about the area. It can be difficult to clean up these elements with a regular vacuum cleaner. Generally, a shop or industrial vacuum may be needed.

Dealing with Construction Dust

While you may own a shop vacuum or decide to buy one to handle the issue, this often is not enough. Depending on the type of work done in your home, you may have a layer of very fine dust coating almost all the surfaces in your home. This dust can come from a variety of different aspects of the remodel work. Usually it is from the installation of drywall, sanding of wood or refinishing of floors. Since this dust is so tiny, it can be difficult to remove efficiently.

Since the dust is so tiny, it can get into small cracks and crevices. It can also work its way back through a typical vacuum. This can cause the dust to be redeposited in the room through the exhaust. This makes it necessary to use a dust extractor with special filters to remove the dust before the air is released from the machine. This is the best way to remove this dust from the floors and a number of other areas in your home.

In addition to vacuuming, your entire home will also need to be dusted or wiped as well. This can include areas such as:

  • Walls that have not been freshly painted
  • Baseboards
  • Doors - frames, knobs and door
  • Light and fan fixtures
  • Countertops, sinks and backsplash
  • Exterior of any appliances, such as refrigerator, stoves, dishwasher
  • Cabinets - exterior and interior
  • Window tracks and windowsills

After any remodeling work, your home will generally need a very thorough cleaning. Because construction dirt and debris can require different cleaning techniques, hiring a professional service can often be the best choice. (For more information, you can contact Home Maid Cleaning Service)