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3 Flowers To Use As Filler When Making Your Own Wedding Bouquet

The average cost of a wedding in the United States today is $26,444. If you are looking for some simple ways to cut your spending as you plan your own wedding, arranging your own bouquet could be a good solution. While you might know which flowers you want to feature in your bouquet, it can sometimes be difficult for the amateur florist to select the right filler flowers.

Here are three flowers that make wonderful fillers when you are arranging your own wedding bouquet.

1. Queen Anne's Lace

If your wedding will have a romantic theme, then a delicate filler like Queen Anne's Lace might be just the right fit. Queen Anne's Lace is characterized by its delicate white flowers that feature a dark purple center.

Since the buds on Queen Anne's Lace grow in bunches, you can use a single sprig to fill a sizeable gap in your bouquet arrangement. As an added bonus, Queen Anne's Lace can be found growing in dry fields or ditches and gathered for free to help you save money on your wedding expenses.

2. Bells of Ireland

If you are looking for a filler flower that will allow your feature flowers to pop, then Bells of Ireland is your best option. The buds on a Bells of Ireland are greenish or yellow in color, making them the perfect neutral to add to any bouquet.

In addition to fitting perfectly with almost any color scheme, Bells of Ireland blooms have a wonderful fragrance that will complement the aroma of the feature flowers you plan to incorporate into your wedding bouquet.

3. Cerinthe Major

When you want to add more color to your bouquet without increasing the cost by purchasing additional feature flowers, then Cerinthe major is the filler flower you want to turn to.

When mature, the stems and leaves are both gray and green in color, and the blossoms on a Cerinthe major are a steely purple. Including Cerinthe major as a filler in your bouquet will add depth and dimension, without increasing the cost of arranging your bouquet for your wedding day.

Taking the time to arrange your own wedding bouquet can be a great way to save money and put your personal touch on your wedding day. As you search for filler flowers to help flesh out your bouquet, consider investing in some Queen Anne's Lace, Bells of Ireland, or Cerinthe major to ensure your bouquet is as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

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