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Converting Old Blinds Into Useful Art Projects

Are you buying a new set of blinds and aren't sure what to do with your old ones? Don't throw them away! Convert them into one of these cool art projects. Whether you're using vinyl or wooden blinds, there is always something cool you can make!

Cool Arty Mirror

Old vinyl blinds can easily be converted into a mirror in no more than a couple of hours. Start by carefully removing each individual slat from five sets of blinds: yes, you're going to need that many! Don't worry if they tear a little bit from the ropes: it doesn't matter that much.

Carefully remove all the threads from the blinds and trim them off with scissors at the holes where the threads used to go. Now, carefully hot glue them to the back of a circular mirror, working outwards to create a sun shape. Wait for the hot glue to dry and you're done. If the mirror doesn't already have one, hot glue a nail hanger to the back.

Fun Garden Markers

Wooden blinds are a little trickier to convert than vinyl blinds, but with a little imagination, you can easily turn them into garden markers. These simple items are the perfect way for you to mark which plants in the garden are which.

Start by cutting the slats from the threads and using a small saw to cut them to about 6-12 inches in length. Now, paint each slat with one coat of chalkboard paint. Let the paint dry and add another coat. Once the paint has dried, you can draw on it with chalk. Include the name of the plants, when you planted each, and when you anticipate they will mature.

No Nonsense Bookmarks

If your bookmarks always seem to find a way to rip, use your old wooden blinds to create sturdier ones. Cut the slats from the threads and use a small saw to trim them down to about 3-4 inches in length. Now, you can paint them with any number of cool designs to personalize them.

For even more fun, you should create a simple cloth bookmark cover that fits over the top of your slat. Cut two pieces of cloth about half an inch longer and wider than your bookmark. Use thread and cloth to create cool designs, wrap it around your bookmark, and sew the ends shut. Attach a tassel at the top with more thread and your bookmark is ready to go!

These art projects are just a sample of all the cool ways you can reuse blinds. So why not buy all new blinds for your home and get started on the fun?

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