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Start A Wildflower Garden In Your Yard

If you want to start a wildflower garden in your yard, then you should take your time to plan things out and learn how to best go about it. Once you have your garden started, you can have a good time tending to it and enjoy watching the flowers bloom. This article will help you to start your own flower garden.

Choose the best spot in your yard

Take time to walk around your yard and choose an area with plenty of room that gets a good amount of daily sunlight, while offering shade during the afternoon when the sun can be too harsh. Consider whether or not it is important for you to be able to see the garden from your windows as well.

Dig up a bit of the soil to make sure that it isn't full of rocks. The area should also be flat and far enough away from trees that you won't have to worry about the roots stealing the water and nutrients from your flower garden.

You should consider starting out on a smaller scale until you have more experience with keeping a garden going. This way, you won't find yourself overwhelmed when it comes to caring for the garden, which includes feeding and watering your flowers, as well as taking care of pest control issues.

Prepare the garden area

Remove any grass before you start and use your hose to wet down the ground if it is a bit hard. Use a garden fork to dig up the area. You should go at least eight inches in depth. Any rocks that you come across should be tossed out of the garden area. Once you are done digging, use the back end of the garden fork to lightly flatten out the dirt.

Add a generous amount of potting soil to the dirt and mix it in. Add at least an inch-deep worth of manure to the top of the soil and give the garden area a good watering. 

Plant your wildflower seeds

Always read the back of the wildflower seed packets to make sure you are planting the seeds at the right time of the year. To plant the seeds, poke your finger into the soil about an inch down, place a seed in the hole and cover it with a small amount of soil. Do this about every four inches. Before you know it, you will have a great looking garden you can enjoy.