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No Oceanfront Necessary: How To Create Your Own Coastal-Themed Porch, No Matter Where You Live

If you love everything about coastal life and the beach, you probably long for vacation time to roll around each year. Like most people, you probably feel like life is more relaxing on the coast, and your cares seem to fade away with the ocean breeze.

Designing your own coastal-themed porch is the perfect way to bring a touch of the beach into your everyday life. With a little creativity, you can have a coastal-inspired space to kick off your shoes and relax without ever leaving home.

Coastal colors

When selecting paint, furniture, and decorations for your coastal-themed porch, think about the colors of the sky, sand, and water. White, beige, and subtle shades of blue are good choices.

Choose a creamy white paint for the walls, ceiling, and banisters. Don't worry about using too much white. You can add pops of color later when you select decorative items.

When shopping for furniture, again, white is a great choice. You can dress up white chairs with blue cushions. Add an additional pop of color by using a beige tablecloth on a side table. If you prefer rocking chairs for your porch, use a blue or beige seat cushion and drape a blue or nautical-themed woven blanket over the back of the rocking chair for keeping warm on breezy days or chilly nights.

An indoor-outdoor rug in beige or blue will look nice against a white porch floor. Choose a rug with stripes to create additional eye appeal.

Nautical necessities

Choosing decorative items for your porch is where you can really bring home the coastal theme. Think about the weather-worn look of coastal items. Their beauty comes from their natural exposure to sun, wind, and water. Choose items with a weathered appearance to create the same look on your coastal-themed porch.

Add a beacon of light to your porch with decorative hanging lanterns. Use rope to hang the lanterns on hooks at the entryway to your porch. One on each side is best. Fill the bottom of the decorative hanging lantern with sea shells. Add a battery-operated candle with a timer, and your decorative hanging lanterns will be a welcoming invitation for visitors to come and porch sit for a while.

Large wicker baskets can hold magazines for reading on lazy summer afternoons. Look for replicas of boats, fish, or anchors to decorate a wall. A large tropical plant in a bright-colored pot will add a nice coastal touch to your porch.

A metal or weathered wooden sign with a beach slogan is a great addition, but avoid using too many signs. More than a few signs and slogans can look cluttered and may distract from the relaxing theme you're trying to create.

Bright-blue glass jars can be filled with a few inches of sand and pillar candles to provide a splash of color by day and extra lighting at night.

Coastal living is about kicking off your shoes and letting the cares of life drift away. Having your own coastal-themed porch can make every day feel like a trip to the beach. If you shut your eyes and listen closely enough, you may just hear the sound of seagulls in the distance.