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Tips For Decorating With Contemporary Style

A contemporary home calls for modern decorating style. Contemporary décor is characterized by clean lines and classic geometry. Additionally, the rooms should promote a flow, both of the physical space and the visual one. The overall effect should be of streamlined simplicity. Utilize design elements of contemporary style to outfit your rooms with chic furnishings.

Start with a Color Palette

Almost any color palette can fit into contemporary design, though gray scale and primary colors are classic. For example, start with gray walls, and select furniture in different shades of gray. From there, add pops of color in primary hues. Better Homes and Gardens describes a similarly decorated room in which a bright yellow ottoman takes center stage. The yellow is echoed subtly in other décor in the room.

Black and white is another color palette that evokes a modern feel. In this case, use white as the neutral base, black as the counterpoint and colors for accenting. To use the kitchen as an example, paint the walls and cabinets white, but select black counter tops. You could use primary colors for accenting here, too, or opt for secondary or tertiary hues. For instance, decorate the kitchen with bright teal or pink ceramics instead of straight blue or red.

Choose Geometry

One way to give contemporary décor visual interest is to add furnishing with geometric lines. So, when choosing contemporary furniture, look for pieces with obvious geometry in its design. Think of the clean lines of a glass-topped table or metal bookcase. Likewise, look for pieces with surprising geometry, such as a perfectly square ottoman or a chair with a triangular back. When decorating, place these geometric shapes in layers, maybe by overlapping a square and an arc. For instance, hang a round mirror on a wall finished with rectangular subway tiles in the bathroom.

Opt for Industrial Materials

In that vein, most geometric-style furniture comes in modern materials. You may not want your rooms to appear completely industrial, but look for pieces with manufactured accenting. Glass, metal and vinyl are likely materials. So, you may want a leather sofa, but counter it with a modern, glass-topped coffee table in front of it. The kitchen is relatively easy for this if you select stainless steel appliances. In the bathroom, opt for lots of glass and vinyl.

Decorate with Modern Art

As you finish your rooms, consider adding some modern art pieces for décor. A simple way to do this is with framed modern art prints. However, you could also look for small, geometric statues or accent pieces constructed from industrial materials. Such finishing touches complete the contemporary ambiance of your rooms.

As you make over your rooms, give them an air of sophistication with contemporary style.