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Replace A Shattered Glass Pane In Your Home's Front Door

A shattered glass pane in your home's front door can be hazardous if you touch any jagged pieces of glass. The damaged pane can also make it difficult to keep the inside of your home warm or cool, depending upon the season. Learn how to remove the broken shards of glass and install a new pane by completing the following instructions. 


  • old cloth
  • work gloves
  • small bucket
  • hammer
  • pry bar
  • stiff-bristled brush
  • soapy water
  • putty knife
  • towel
  • measuring tool
  • tube of glazing compound
  • rubber gloves
  • glazing points

Remove Shards Of Glass

Lay an old cloth on the ground on the exterior side of the door. Go inside of your home and stand by the door. Put on a pair of work gloves to protect your hands. Remove loose shards of glass by hand and place them in a small bucket. If any pieces of glass are stuck inside of the frame that surrounds them, tap them outwards with a hammer.

As the glass pieces are eliminated from the frame, they will fall onto the cloth that you have placed outside. Put all of the pieces of glass that you removed by hand on the cloth with the other pieces and wrap them all up before disposing of them. 

Clean And Measure The Frame

Remove the glazing points that were previously holding the glass pane in place with the edge of a pry bar. Use a stiff-bristled brush and soapy water to clean the frame and remove the old glazing putty that is inside of it. If any of the glazing putty is hard to remove, scrape it loose with the edge of a putty knife. Dry the frame with a towel. Measure the glass pane's frame and purchase a replacement piece of glass that is the proper size. 

Install A New Glass Pane

Put on a pair of rubber gloves before squeezing some of the glazing putty into your hands. Roll the putty into a thin rope. Insert the putty around the frame's interior and push it into the corners of the frame with a putty knife. Add more of the putty into the palm of each hand and mold it into a thin rope as needed until the entire frame has an even layer of the material added to it. Line up the new piece of glass inside of the frame and press firmly against it.

Place a glazing point on each side of the frame and tap all of them into place with a putty knife. Once finished, the door can safely be opened and closed and its appearance will be improved due to the new glass pane. 

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