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Taking A Closer Look At The Advantages Of Gas Fireplace Inserts Over Wood-Burning Fireplaces

There is something enchanting about a crackling wood fire amid a home to make it feel inviting, but is all that wood burning really worth the hassle when there is a better option? Many modern homes with a fireplace at all have been fitted with a gas fireplace insert, and even older homes that normally had a wood-burning fireplace have seen replacements, but it is for good reason. A gas fireplace just makes more sense to most homeowners. Here is a closer look at a few of the advantages you can reap by swapping that wood-burning fireplace for a gas insert in your home. 

Enjoy a cozy fire with the flip of a switch. 

If you plan to build a fire in your wood-burning fireplace, be prepared for a lot of extra work. Gather or haul in the wood, situate it just right, and do what you can to get the fire started--all of this will be involved in using your wood-burning fireplace. Plus, the fire will only continue to burn if you're lucky. Otherwise, you may have to restart the fire repeatedly. On the other hand, when you want a fire with a gas fireplace insert, you just have to push a button or flip a switch to light the fire. 

Forget the mess that usually comes along with wood-burning in the fireplace. 

Just dealing with wood in itself is a dirty job. If you have wood stacked neatly in the house, you can still pretty much guarantee that you will be forever sweeping up tidbits of dirt and bark from the floor. Once the fire is burned out, you get the joy of having to sweep up all those ashes and bits that didn't burn up completely, which often leaves everything within several feet with a layer of dust. Gas fireplaces are clean burning, with no debris left behind, no ash sweeping, and no messes to contend with. 

Rest easy (and warmly) without concerns of dangerous emissions. 

Burning wood is a questionable feat inside the house because some woods release harmful toxins and emissions when they are burned. Even if you try to buy seasoned firewood from a reputable seller, the fact is, you never know if there is a piece of some forbidden wood mingled in the rick of wood that should not be burned inside the house. When you use gas to power the fireplace, you know what the fuel source is and will never be left concerned about harmful emissions. 

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