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Should You Hire Cleaners Or A Janitorial Service?

If you are having a hard time deciding between hiring cleaners or a janitorial staff, continue reading to learn more about the differences between the two options.

Daily Service

Cleaners are usually scheduled to come in periodically, such as once a week. Even if you schedule daily office cleaning, the cleaners will only be on-site for a short window to clean and then they leave again. A janitor is on duty daily, usually for a full eight-hour shift. You can schedule the service during business hours, after hours, or you can hire multiple janitors for round-the-clock service.

Daily service means that trash cans are emptied, spots are wiped off mirrors, and toilets are cleaned throughout the day. Depending on your business, this can be much preferred over diverting other staff for ongoing daily cleaning tasks or just letting the messes pile up until cleaning service day. Janitors handle all of the same things as typical cleaners, but they are working on them all day long so that the building is always in tip-top shape.

Dedicated Staff

You can depend on a cleaning service to have professional and well-trained staff, but there may not be very much continuity in service. The cleaning staff coming in to service your building may rotate and vary quite frequently, which means that the cleaners may not always be completely familiar with your building and its needs.

Janitorial services assign one or more janitors, depending on your shift needs, to your building. This means that you will usually have the same person coming in each day, so they will come to know the little patterns and quirks that come with every job. Even better, they will be a familiar face amongst your staff so that the janitor becomes part of the team. Even though you end up with a dedicated janitor, there is also no worry about hiring headaches or covering shifts when the janitor doesn't come in, since the service will cover those issues.

On-Call Response

Janitors are always on call during their scheduled work hours. If a huge mess occurs that requires cleaning, your staff will have to handle it if you only have a cleaning service. Either that or the mess will simply have to remain until the next scheduled cleaning day.

When you have a janitor, you can simply call them and let them know that there is a cleanup needed and the problem will be solved in a few minutes. Some janitors, unlike cleaners, also handle minor repair tasks like unclogging toilets. It can be very handy to have such a service always on-call and on-site.

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