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4 Reasons Homes Need Safe Drinking Water Systems

The water that comes out of your water taps is treated for pathogens. However, the state of the water pipes to your house also affects the safety and taste of your water. Some people turn to bottled water because of these doubts, but there is a common complaint it tastes bland. Installing home drinking water systems can provide the safe, tasty water that you desire. Why should you consider having one?

1. Safer and Healthier Water 

Some pathogens can get past municipal water treatment systems. Examples include cryptosporidium and giardia. Your family could suffer gastrointestinal problems before you discover this problem. Municipal water systems use chlorine to treat their water. But ingesting high levels of this element is linked to different health complications, including cancers and intellectual disabilities.

Home water systems can eliminate numerous common and uncommon pathogens. They also eliminate heavy metals like lead from the water. A domestic drinking water system is very useful in a home with young children or elderly people. Their immunity systems are not very strong, which leaves them exposed to different pathogens. Treating the water keeps them safe. 

2. Tastes Better Than Tap or Bottled Water

Ordinary tap water often contains high mineral levels, including iron, which gives the water a metallic taste. Home drinking water systems filter excess minerals but leave traces. The water retains a natural taste, which is better than the bland taste of bottled water. Food cooked with filtered water also tastes better because of the minerals, which also add nutritional value. 

3. More Affordable Than Bottled Water 

Bottled water might seem cheap, but it would surprise you at how expensive it is, compared to your municipal water bill. It is several hundred times more expensive per gallon. Relying on bottled water for drinking and cooking can be quite expensive in the long run, even if they are costs that you rarely notice.

You only incur one-time purchasing costs for a home water drinking system. You will only incur filter replacement costs once or twice a year, depending on your water usage. You get better tasting water for less. 

4. Avoid Plastic Pollution 

A home drinking system is a good answer if you are worried about the safety of the water you drink but also worried about plastic pollution. You avoid contributing to plastic pollution, which is a big problem for water bodies around the world.

Would you like to have water with guaranteed safety and good taste? Talk to a water systems provider on options for installing home water drinking systems, like Oxley Softwater Co.