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Why A Queen Mattress May Be Best

If you are trying to decide on the size of mattress you want, and you are not sure whether a full, a queen, or a king would be right, then this article can help you see some of the many benefits a queen mattress offers over other options. 

A queen size bed is a good amount longer than a full

A full-sized bed is normally just a bit over six feet long. This can make it difficult for taller people to even fit on them, and it also makes it hard to move your hands over your head for people that like to sleep in a position where their arms are raised. A standard queen bed will give you roughly five more inches in height, making it a much better choice for taller people or people who want the ability to move more in bed. 

A queen size bed is better for couples

Couples would have a very hard time fitting comfortably on a full-sized mattress. The width will leave them with very little room to move around while they are sleeping. On hot nights, they may find themselves uncomfortably too close all night long. A queen bed has a nice width for two people. 

A queen size bed fits nicely in most rooms

While a king bed is a very large bed that a couple can easily share without their moving room being compromised, it is often too large. King beds may fit in very large master bedrooms, but they can take up too much room in smaller master bedrooms. In fact, they may not fit at all in some small bedrooms, leaving too little room for the rest of the furniture to fit while leaving walking space. A queen bed will generally fit in smaller bedrooms, and it is still large enough that it does not look too small in large master bedrooms. 

A queen mattress is easier to find bedding for than some other sizes

It is generally much easier to find bedding for queen beds than some other sizes, such as kings. You will find that many stores will have more of a selection when it comes to finding bedding for queens. Also, the bedding for queens tends to be more affordable than a lot of the bedding you would find available for a king or full bed.

For more information on queen mattresses, contact a supplier.