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4 Privacy Options For A Bathroom Window

A window in the bathroom can be a nice touch. It provides a source of natural light for a small room, while also giving you the option to let in fresh air on a nice day. Unfortunately, windows can also compromise your privacy in the room where you likely desire it the most, and privacy curtains and sheers won't hold up well to the moisture in the room. Fortunately, there is a way to maintain your privacy by upgrading the glass.

1. Privacy Tints

Residential window tinting is one of the most effective ways to provide 24-7 privacy for the bathroom window, or even every window on your home. Modern residential tints are designed to cut glare and UV radiation, while also providing privacy and some natural daylight penetration. There are even reflective tints that make it impossible to see into your home while at the same time improving the energy efficiency of your windows.

2. Decorative Films

Decorative films come in a variety of designs. If you prefer unhindered natural light but plenty of privacy, clear textured films that mimic the look of rain drops or frosted glass, are a great option. You can also find decorative films that make a bathroom window look like it is made of stained glass, and these are available in a range of colors and patterns so it's easy to find one to match your bathroom decor. 

3. Etching Work

You can have the existing glass in your bathroom permanently etched and frosted if you want a permanent solution instead of applying a film. Your glass technician will apply a stencil over the glass and then use an etching cream to permanently frost the glass. You can opt for a simple frosted look or you can have designs etched into the glass. Just make sure the design is sufficiently sized to provide necessary privacy for those using the bathroom.

4. Textured Glass

If you are already thinking about replacing or upgrading the bathroom window, then why not opt for textured glass. This glass comes with a combination of texturing and frosting to provide privacy in an attractive and durable package. If you happen to have a textured glass shower surround, you can even opt to have the window glass match the design of the surround for a more cohesive design look. 

Contact a window film and glass replacement service to learn more about the available privacy options for your bathroom window. 

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