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Looking For A Perfect Housewarming Gift? Your Local Hardware Store Can Help

Getting invited to a friend or family member's housewarming party is always an exciting event. You probably cannot wait to celebrate your loved one's home ownership but wonder what in the world to get as a gift for the new homeowners that is different. A home maintenance kit is a unique gift that is practical and can be created with finds from your local hardware store.

Select a container for your kit

The right container will keep household maintenance items easy to find and organized. A toolbox is a great organizer, is easy to carry around throughout the home when making repairs, and can be stored easily. Plastic storage bins with multiple compartments can also be used to create your household maintenance gift but may not be as durable as a metal toolbox.

Basic household tools

Your household maintenance kit should contain essential tools that are useful for picture hanging, making minor household repairs, or assembling furniture or other household items. Essential tools include a claw hammer with a cushioned grip, a screwdriver set with interchangeable tips, needle-nose, and groove joint pliers, and an adjustable wrench. A utility knife and putty knife are also useful household items to include in your kit.

Measuring devices

Every household maintenance kit should include basic measuring tools. A high-quality tape measure with a locking measuring blade is an item that will be used for many household projects. A square and straight edge ruler are also helpful items to add to your kit. A torpedo level can be useful for hanging pictures and home décor items with accuracy.

Assorted nails and screws

Finding the right nail or screw for a household project is easy when you have a wide assortment of sizes available. Variety packs are good options for a household maintenance kit. You should also include plastic hangers and hooks that can be applied to the wall with adhesive.


Having several sizes of flashlights and extra batteries available when you need them is important. Add a few styles to your kit to make it easy for the gift recipient to tackle any household maintenance task. A headlamp flashlight is another good option that allows the user to be hands-free when performing tasks.

While a home maintenance kit may not seem very exciting as a housewarming gift, it is a gift that will keep on giving as the new homeowners need to make repairs or maintain their new home. It is a thoughtful and practical gift that will last long after traditional gifts, such as wine or food, are consumed. And you can find everything you need at your local hardware store.