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Myths About Addressing Your Home's Rodent Problem

Failing to effectively address your home's mouse problem can lead to substantial damage occurring. However, this is a pest problem that will often be very difficult to address due to the intelligence of rodents as well as some common misconceptions that homeowners will have about battling this particular type of pest issue.

Assumption: Keeping The Home Clean Is Sufficient For Preventing A Mouse Problem

There is an assumption that mice are only attracted to properties that are extremely dirty. As a result, a person may conclude that thoroughly cleaning their home will be enough to keep these pests away from the property. In reality, mice can target homes for reasons other than food and trash being scattered around the property. For example, it is very common for mice to target homes during the winter months when they may be looking for sources of shelter and warmth. Additionally, a home can offer substantial protection against birds, snakes, and other common predators that will target mice. Due to the wide range of reasons why mice may decide to move into your home, it is important to regularly look for signs of this problem regardless of the effort that you may put into keeping the house clean.

Assumption: Mouse Problems Will Be Very Easy To Notice

Another assumption about a rodent problem can be that it will be extremely easy to notice when this problem starts to develop. The reality is that the mice are likely to spend much of their time between the walls, in basements and attics, or in other areas of the home that will be isolated. This can lead to the owner failing to realize that there is a mouse problem until the population of rodents has increased to a substantial amount. Given the rapid breeding rate of rodents, a home could find itself facing a widespread and serious mouse problem in as little as a few weeks.

Assumption: Bait Is The Most Effective Solution To Eliminate A Mouse Problem

Bait can be one of the first options for addressing a rodent problem that a person may consider. While it is possible for the bait to be effective, it can also be very problematic. For example, there can be a substantial risk of pets getting into the bait. Also, there will be a high likelihood of poisoned rodents expiring in the walls or other areas which can make it difficult to remove them. Lastly, rodents can be highly intelligent, and it can be common for them to quickly learn to avoid consuming the bait that you have placed around the home. Rather than using bait, traps can be an effective option that will avoid many of these issues.

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