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Sprinkler Repairs Needed For A Burst Water Pipe In Your Sprinkler System

If you see a puddle of water in your yard that's not near your home's plumbing lines, your sprinkler system might be to blame. Sprinklers develop a variety of problems that cause them to leak, such as valve issues, problems with the heads, and burst pipes. Call a sprinkler repair service when you see standing water in your yard so they can find the cause and make repairs. Here's how they may replace a bad pipe.

Locate The Leak

Finding the leaky pipe shouldn't be difficult since the bad pipe will probably be under the water puddle. The repair person may turn water off the to the system to let some of the water drain away so they can start digging in the area safely. Care has to be taken not to hit the pipe and create more damage. They can use the location of the heads to guide them where the pipe could be located under the ground.

Dig Up The Pipe

The sprinkler repair person needs to dig up the pipe to find the area that's damaged. They'll expose enough pipe on both sides of the damage to make it easy to work and to verify they have identified all of the cracks since it's possible there may be more than one leaking area if the damage was caused by big tree roots. Sprinkler pipes are several inches deep, and if they've been in place a long time, they may be tangled in tree roots that make digging difficult.

Patch The Leaking Area

The sprinkler repair person needs to use a saw to cut out the damaged area. This leaves a gap in the pipe that can be filled with a telescoping coupling. This is a device that allows the repair person to patch in a piece of new pipe. The coupling can be made shorter to maneuver it into the gap without having to disturb the pipe and possibly cause damage to a sprinkler head.

One end is slipped into one side of the pipe and the coupling is then stretched out so the other end can be slipped into the other side of the pipe. The coupling is then locked in place so it doesn't shorten again on its own. The repair person will also glue the joints so the coupling stays in place. Once the glue is dry, the sprinkler repair person can turn the water on and make sure the leak has been fixed and there are no other areas that need to be repaired. If everything works as it should, the dirt is replaced to fill in the trench and cover the pipe.

For more information about sprinkler repair, contact a local company.