4 Reasons Homes Need Safe Drinking Water Systems

The water that comes out of your water taps is treated for pathogens. However, the state of the water pipes to your house also affects the safety and taste of your water. Some people turn to bottled water because of these doubts, but there is a common complaint it tastes bland. Installing home drinking water systems can provide the safe, tasty water that you desire. Why should you consider having one? [Read More]

Should You Hire Cleaners Or A Janitorial Service?

If you are having a hard time deciding between hiring cleaners or a janitorial staff, continue reading to learn more about the differences between the two options. Daily Service Cleaners are usually scheduled to come in periodically, such as once a week. Even if you schedule daily office cleaning, the cleaners will only be on-site for a short window to clean and then they leave again. A janitor is on duty daily, usually for a full eight-hour shift. [Read More]

Should You Recharge, Repair, Or Replace Your Fire Extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers are a necessary safety device for every household. They do require maintenance, so it's important to know where it is time to recharge, repair, or replace the device. Age Your fire extinguisher should have an inspection tag on it. This tag tells you when the last inspection and recharging occurred, and when the next one is due. If the inspection date is due or if the tag is missing, then the fire extinguisher needs an immediate inspection and recharge. [Read More]

Need A New Water Heater? What You Need To Consider

Water heaters are essential in most homes. Gone are the days when you boiled water to bathe or to do the dishes. Water heaters replaced this old way of doing things. If you have a water heater, you know how important it is to take good care of it. If you aren't doing what you can to take care of it, you could end up in need of a new one. [Read More]